10 essential travel tips

Very often, when planning a trip, we forget about important things that can be useful on a trip. These tips will help you prepare well and make your holiday unforgettable!

Save money on the trip, see the most interesting places, taste delicious local cuisine and spend an unforgettable vacation ... All this can be done without buying excursions and an all-inclusive tour . Read our tips for solo travelers!

1. Buy tickets in advance. If you book them 2-3 months or six months before the trip, then the cost will be much lower than a couple of weeks before the desired departure date. Subscribe to mailing lists of airlines and online ticket search services:booking.com, agoda.com and trivago.com ”and others. They often have promotions for which you can buy tickets at a big discount. See not direct flights, but with connections in other countries: this way you can not only save money, but also see other places on the way to your destination.

2. Choose comfortable and affordable housing. It is not at all necessary to live in the center: hotels located in non-tourist areas, as a rule, are much cheaper and it will not take much time to get from them to the main attractions. An excellent option for budget travel is hostels and guesthouses. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to take a bed in a common room for 8-10 people: many of them have separate rooms for couples or small groups with amenities on the floor, and sometimes in the room itself. The most popular sites for searching and booking accommodation are agoda.com”, booking.com,trivago.com and others. Compare prices on different sites and be sure to check the cost at the very place of residence: on the official sites of hotels and hostels, prices are lower than those of intermediary sites.

If you want to feel at home, try renting an apartment or a room from the owners on special sites for finding housing:  Airbnb, Homestay and others. Such options, as a rule, are much cheaper than hotels, but they have their own bathroom and equipped kitchen.

3. Make a copy of your passport and visa in advance or take a photo of the documents on your smartphone: they may be useful to you on your trip. But it is better to leave the originals in the safe of the hotel or hostel for the entire trip.

4. Bring comfortable and practical clothes and shoes that can be combined with each other. After preparing your belongings for the trip, review them again and put aside what you are unlikely to wear. As a rule, the part of the wardrobe that we take on trips remains never worn until the end of the vacation. Instead of extra shirts and dresses, it is better to take a replacement pair of comfortable shoes, a long-sleeved sweatshirt and jeans, because the weather is often unpredictable even in warm countries.

5. Vacuum bags and travel organizers will become a real lifesaver in travel. If you put your clothes in such bags, release the air and close them, then you will save a lot of space in your bag or suitcase. Plus, they're tough, sealed and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about things getting damaged in case of rain or if liquid spills in your suitcase. All little things, including cosmetics, hygiene products, chargers and other accessories, will always be safe and sound if packed in special travel cases with compartments.
Important!!! Use secret places to store valuables - It can be unsafe to carry money and bank cards in your bags or pockets. In this case, a small secret pocket will

be the salvation. You can easily hide it under your clothes and not worry about the safety of your valuables.

6. Don't forget your first aid kit! Even if you have insurance, be sure to take the necessary minimum of medicines with you: for headaches and fever, allergies, insect bites, intestinal upset in case of poisoning, as well as various dressings: antiseptics, plasters, bandages and brilliant green. Talk to your doctor about buying antibiotics, as in many countries they cannot be obtained without a prescription.

7. If you are going abroad, turn off the mobile Internet in your phone and use WiFi in public places, so as not to receive astronomical phone bills upon arrival. With the included cellular data transfer, there is a risk of paying extra money, because some applications go online and update themselves. As a rule, many hotels, cafes, parks and other places have wireless internet. As a last resort, you can save money by buying a local SIM card with internet traffic.

8. Find good cafes, restaurants,parks and attractions will help not only guidebooks, but also useful travel sites and applications for smartphones: TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Revizorro, Eagle and Tails and others. With their help, you can easily find many options for places to visit on your trip. Look at ratings and photos, read reviews from other travelers, and choose what you like.
Don't forget to download travel-essential apps that work without internet access.

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