5 nuances of traveling with a baby

Toddlers love to travel. Don't limit your kids' curiosity. While traveling, surprise them and be surprised yourself. Let's check what are the five nuances of travelling with your kids.

travelling tips with baby

Suitable age

Parents are divided into two camps: some from infancy travel with their children around the world, others strictly follow the precepts of the "old" pediatricians and spend their holidays in the country . There are no objective reasons to sit with a child up to three or even up to five years at home. If your baby is healthy, and the desire of parents to spend a vacation with a baby outside the house is unbearable, do not hesitate to go on a trip. The younger the child, the easier it is to handle both during the move (whether by plane or boat) and on the spot (especially if it is an ordinary resort). The baby needs only mother's care, breast milk , warmth and comfort.

On vacation with a child: how to get tired less
For responsible parents, vacation with a child can turn into endless bustle and hassle. More than enough worries! What can you do to prevent your vacation from turning into hard work?
Read moreFor four and a half years of living with children, our family got out of the house at least ten times. We have visited about seven countries. We were not afraid to fly from winter to summer. Wandering around Europe, everyone enjoyed seeing the sights with pleasure. While vacationing at sea resorts, we tried to acquaint children with the delights of the gastronomic world. We made our very first trip with our eldest daughter when she was barely three months old. There is nothing easier than a baby on vacation. He rides wonderfully in a stroller or sling . He does not need to prepare food separately. He sleeps a lot and often, which allows him not only to walk quietly through the art galleries, but also to go shopping without rushing to dine in a cafe.


Where to fly?

The first trip with your baby should be unforgettable! You fantasize about a safari in Kenya or winter in Bali. Finances and weekly vacations are not the only real constraints. The main criterion for a successful travel with a small child is comfort. For example, a three year old baby is more demanding than a one and a half year old. He may be indignant at your idea of spending two hours looking at the paintings of the Louvre in Paris. But he will gladly agree to frolic for half a day at the Tom Titus Museum of Physical Experiments in Stockholm.

European cities are best visited in summer , when warm days make it possible to have picnics in the parks and wander for a long time along the medieval streets of the Old Town. In spring it is good to get out in the Mediterranean to breathe the sea air, sunbathe and eat fruits. Due to mild weather and falling prices, autumn is an ideal time to travel in almost any direction, especially for seaside resorts. The geography of winter travel depends on your preferences. Fans of downhill skiing with schoolchildren will enjoy their holidays in Austria or Switzerland. Parents of preschoolers, especially mothers of babies, will try to fly to Thailand or Goa for the winter.

What to take with you?

The most common mistake new moms and dads make is to pack the whole house in a suitcase , from a huge pack of diapers to a month's supply of canned baby food. If you are traveling to Europe for a week, you can buy everything you need on the spot. When resting with children, it is very convenient to stay in an apartment or rent a villa. Contact the landlords where you plan to stay. The host party will be happy to tell you if the nearest supermarket has just the kind of kefir that your baby is used to. On request, you can provide a baby cot, stroller and other necessary items that you do not have to bring with you.

First aid kit

Nothing darkens the journey like a sick child. Even if you are one hundred percent sure that your baby is in excellent health, buy medical insurance and carefully collect a first aid kit . This is especially true for families traveling to exotic countries. If you are seen by a family doctor in your hometown, notify him in advance that you are planning a trip with your child. If you suspect a cold or poisoning, you can call a specialist by phone and receive qualified recommendations for treatment in a timely manner.


The nuances of traveling with a baby

Traveling actively with children, our family discovered the secret of an almost perfect trip with a child. To begin with, we gave up buying tours. Self-planned trip expands horizons... Choose a convenient time of departure and arrival on a regular flight so as to match your baby's sleep. Order baby food and front row seats in advance. Rent a car. Do not forget about a car seat for your baby. It is best to do this in advance via the Internet, so that upon arrival at the place, transport will be waiting for you at the airport. When choosing housing, pay attention to the availability of household appliances. For example, a washing machine will save you the hassle of carrying a bunch of pants and T-shirts with you. And the microwave will allow you to quickly reheat baby food and wash less dishes when warming up adult food. Print a listing of family-friendly cafes and restaurants that are smoke-free and have a children's room. So, leaving the next museum, you will spend a minimum of time looking for a snack. Living in an apartment with its own kitchen, it is simple and inexpensive to buy everything you need in hypermarkets. The difference in prices compared to small supermarkets is significant, and the choice is much higher. Babies are born travelers. A child's passion for science should be respected and encouraged!


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